VIP Coaching Program

VIPDo you see yourself working 1:1 with a Business Coach and Advisor who understands your business and what you deal with daily?

Do you want ….or need, an ‘Accountability’ partner?

Do you want help developing customized SOP’s, checklists, scripts, Job Descriptions and much more for your business and you want a more ‘done for you’ approach?

Then this VIP Coaching program is for you!

It is perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed and daunted by the size and complexity of making it happen.

Often, to use an old cliche, we are ‘Paralyzed by Analysis’. If you want to make better Gross Margins, get out of being a slave to your business and develop your business so it isn’t so dependent on Insurance program work…..then the VIP Value Building Coaching Program is for you!

All of this plus we will start to work on what you need to do to transition or sell your business some day….whether it be next year or a decade from now.

The VALUE BUILDING VIP Coaching Program with a Your Restoration Coach Advisor is designed to give you the proven strategies, systems, training, guidance and support you need to maximize your business success and results.

Who the VALUE BUILDING VIP Coaching Program Is For

  • Owners of service businesses who are ready to hit the ground running with a fresh focus and are committed to building a thriving, rewarding and profitable cleaning, restoration and/or remediation business. Ideal for owners who want to avoid the steep learning curve and costly mistakes from trying to do it all on your own.
  • Business owners who want to expand their business – This VIP Program is for owners who want to add leverage to their business by offering select services to more potential clients, in more markets.
  • Contractors who want to implement today’s leading-edge marketing strategies, such as tapping into clients via online marketing and building a loyal tribe of avid followers through email and digital marketing.
  • Owners who are serious about their business success and realize that success doesn’t happen overnight. Your VIP Program is only for business owners who will roll up their sleeves and do the hard work necessary to take their business to the next level….alongside an experienced Business Coach.
  • Contractors who need to increase Gross Margins while increasing sales. Discover the 8 Key Value Drivers and how they can impact your business. You will receive complete access, strategic guidance, hand-holding, accountability, mentorship and support from one of the leading Coaching and Business Advisory firms in the Disaster Restoration and Remediation profession.



This Private 1:1 Coaching, Mentorship, Guidance and Support with a Your Restoration Coach Advisor requires a minimum 1 year commitment.

You receive unparalleled personalized support from your Coach.

  • Each YRC Advisor only works with a handful of private clients each year so they can treat your business as if it were their own. We make ourselves fully accessible to our Private Clients.

We start the program off with an On-Site, 2 Day, On-Site Strategic Review of your business with 2 YRC Coaches and Advisors.

  • We do an in-depth review and analysis of your business to help us get real familiar with your business and help us customized our program for you and your staff. Many past clients have felt this alone was worth the price of the annual program. (only extra for this is covering the travel and per diem costs)

Monthly Strategic Private 1-1 Coaching & Consulting Sessions with a YRC Advisor.

  • These sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes each. You’ll meet on a private conference call line that can be accessed by phone, Virtual Video Conference or another platform provided by Your Restoration Coach Advisor.
  • Sessions are recorded so you can re-listen or transcribe and not feel pressured to take tons of notes.
  • These are strategic, intensive, powerful sessions where we will accomplish more in an hour than some people do in an a month. Plan in advance and roll up your sleeves.

Your YRC Coach will visit you for 2 Days, as agreed, as long as you remain a VIP Value Building Client

  • Several times a year your VIP Coach will spend 2 full days at your location, as per our agreement (only extra for this is covering all travel and per diem costs)
  • Nothing beats personal interaction
  • YRC Coach will meet with your Key Management Team as well spend some time reviewing various parts of your operations
  • A private review of findings and observations will be done at the end of each visit.
  • This on-site meeting time will help us hone in on what needs to be worked on in your business. This also helps us understand where you and your people are regarding strengths, leadership and operational expertise.
  • Nothing beats having a Business Coach and Advisor who knows the restoration and remediation business intimately and you will have their full support, knowledge and experience to come alongside you.

You will received customized HR support

  • Part of our program is supplying you with final draft versions of Job Descriptions for virtually every position in your company
  • We will share recommendations on Job Appraisals and Pay Rate procedures and programs.
  • We have helped numerous company’s develop or tweak Compensation Programs and you can tap into our experience and recommendations on various aspects of these.
  • Our Direct Report Meeting process and format is simple, effective and extremely valuable as you develop Leaders and Managers in your business.

Monthly Analysis of your Financial Statements 

  • Each month when you submit your completed Financial Statements and in-depth analysis will be made. We will ask questions, make suggestions and give input into what we see.
  • Ratio’s will be monitored and tracked to see trends and help us suggest course corrections, if needed
  • Support on how to prepare for meetings with your Bank Manager
  • Most business owners only look at the overall revenue and then flip to look at the number on the last page (bottom right). That is not analyzing your financials.

Twice a year we will assist you with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey for your clients 

  • Once a year we will help you with a simple, but extremely effective on-line survey of customers you have done work for and provided a detailed report and recap of the findings.
  • Once a year we will help you do a confidential on-line survey of your Insurance contacts, Facility Managers or other professionals you deal with. A full report on the findings will be provided to you.
  • You’ll have a special web address (not your company’s domain) for all on-line surveys. This is proven to get much higher completions.

Once a year we will customize and help you deliver an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) Survey for all your employees 

  • Once a year we will work with you on developing a confidential on-line survey for all of your employees.
  • A full report will be supplied. This helps us identify where we may have issues to deal with regarding your staff.
  • All employee surveys are unanimous. This is proven to be the most effective way to get the real story on what is going on in your business and the perception your employees have.

Unlimited Email and Unlimited Text Access 

  • This VALUE BUILDING Virtual Coaching and Mentoring program is designed to provide you with the proven training, private coaching and ongoing guidance and support you need to take your business to the next level. That’s why your YRC Advisor provides their Clients with unlimited email support and text access.

PS: Only a few VIP Clients a year are accepted. Fill out the application and we will review and set up a time to discuss further details if you qualify.

PPS: We only work with 1 client in each market. Our program is such that we feel it is only right that we do NOT work for your competition. As your YRC Coach and Advisor we feel we are an outsourced part of your Executive Management Team.

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