Yes, Dan. I Want Unlimited “Get It Done” Business Coaching For 1 Full Year! 

$5,000 pre-paid annually – or $500 a month

I Understand The Following:

• This coaching offer is towards the achievement of one goal at a time. Once that goal is accomplished, we will work on my next goal.

I can schedule as many 15-minute laser coaching sessions as I wish over the next year, I must simply complete my homework before scheduling my next session.

• If during our first (30) minute session, either of us feels this is not a fit, my money will be returned immediately and the coaching is terminated.  

YES, I’m In! 



Complete the PDF form to start your Unlimited Business Coaching for one full year! Simple and quick.

Simply fill out the one-page (click here ​: PDF Credit Card information form ), scan and send to Dan.


FAQ’s of our Unlimited Business Coaching For One Full Year!

I charge my VIP clients up to $5,000 per month to guide them toward their goals. Because of the way I’ve structured laser coaching (15-minute sessions, responsibility for scheduling and homework rests with you), I can reduce that to an outlandishly low $5,000 per year

That means you get a full year for what others pay for only one month of coaching.

Unlimited? What does that even mean Dan?

Simple. Once you complete the homework assignment, you can go online and schedule your next session.

Aside from the coaching, do I “get” anything?

Yes. You get a recording of each coaching session. And you get a confirmation email from me, with your homework and a link to schedule your next session.

What if I can’t do the homework?

If you’re truly stuck, email me anytime. We’ll figure out how to move forward, either with an easier assignment, or breaking it into smaller parts, or uncovering and removing the blockage.

Is there a payment plan?

Not usually at this super low price for a full year of Unlimited Video Business Coaching but… for a limited time, we are accepting $500 a month via Credit Card, billed the first day each month for a minimum of 12 months.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. On our first (30 minute) call, if you don’t think I can absolutely help you achieve your business goals, then we’ll cancel the agreement and I’ll refund your money immediately. No-Risk!

Can I think about it?

Of course you can – with two caveats.

First, I’m limiting the laser coaching to the first 6 new clients. Along with this offer we continue to offer our VIP Business Coaching, Accelerate Your Business  Coaching, Consulting, speaking gigs, and delivering our IICRC approved CEC classes.

But if you want in, now’s the time to grab it.

Second, this is your opportunity to lock in at this special price for a full year of unlimited laser coaching.

Truthfully, I encourage you to take advantage of my experience of over 25 years experience operating a full-service Disaster Restoration and Remediation business and over 10 years full-time training and coaching: and you know what… the people who know me are the ones who sign up the fastest.

If you’re ready to commit to your best year ever in business, then complete the form at the bottom of this page.


Here is a Summary of our Laser Coaching Program:

  • It’s laser-focused coaching in 15-minute increments, without the chit-chat and “how’s the weather” stuff, where we focus on getting you to take the next step toward your goals in your Restoration and Remediation business.
  • Our first call is the “get to know you” session. It is for 30 minutes. That’s so I can get to know you well enough to guide you effectively. We’ll identify your big goals and actions steps you’ll need to take to reach them. We’ll also uncover hidden obstacles so we can overcome them with our eyes open.
  • Each subsequent session is 15 minutes (or less). On each call, we will work toward your goals and come up with homework that we agree on, in bite-size pieces (we both must agree on the homework).
  • After each call, I send you an email with a link to the recording of our call, your homework, and a link to schedule our next call.

Yes, the bottom line is… you need results. 

So, if you haven’t already…. lets start working together and ‘Get Things Done’!

YES… I’m in!

Complete the PDF form from the link below to commit to your best year ever in business!

PS: In case the links didn’t work above here is a direct link to the 1-Page Payment Form:

 _ CreditCard Payment Agreement Form_2019_YRC