Four Time Management Rules You Need To Understand!

(This is the fourth of 4 blogs in this series)

This one is for good measure…..and to help and encourage you on developing better and more efficient ‘Time’ habits.

Procrastination ties these last two time management rules together. It is also a symptom of time mis-management.

Sometimes, good enough is good enough. Not always…..but more often than we would think.

I am not suggesting we take short cuts in delivering outstanding customer service or in the final product we deliver our customers.

What I am saying is there are lots of times we can make a decision without investigating or deliberating it more. This will save a lot of time both for you and your staff.

Also, encourage all your staff to make decisions. Especially as it relates to serving our customers. It can cost us hundreds of dollars if a working supervisor doesn’t realize or understand they have the authority on making non-critical decisions. Yes, they have to know the boundaries to this. But if they can spend 15 minutes doing something little that wasn’t on the Scope Sheet but obviously needs to be done, empower them to do it and make notes for the Project Manager.

Yes, there will be some cases where it is non-billable time. But look at the time saved for a recall. Look at the customer good-will that can be earned. Think about how good the adjuster is going to feel when they call the homeowner and get a glowing report about the service you deliver.

So, lets have a look at our last Time Management point in this blog series.

4) Murray’s Commandment  (pun intended)– Done is better than perfect.

Many are plagued with perfectionism. Some wear it like a badge of honor. Nevertheless, perfectionism is another delay tactic. Perfection is reserved for a Deity. We mere mortals will have to settle for excellence. And even excellence takes time. You won’t get it right the first time or maybe the first ten times. All you can do is your best with the information you have available, finish it and leave it open for revision when you get better information.

This is not an opening for shoddy work. Do you best while complying with Pareto, Drucker and Parkinson and keep working on making it better each time. If you wait for perfection, you will get nothing done .

Progress is always preferred over perfection……… and usually required.

Make some progress. Get something done. Otherwise, a year from now you will be right where you are now, fretting about all the time that is being lost and nothing is being done.

Any one of the Four Time Management Rules will move you ahead to accomplish more. Pick one that will work for you and try it out. If you can do it for 21 days, it will likely become a habit. If you like that one, try another and another.

Remember “do is half of done!”