Four Time Management Rules You Need To Understand

(This is the third of 4 blogs in this series) 

Spend the second hour at work each morning working on ‘Revenue Producing’ work.

This single idea alone can transform your business.

For the next week, schedule an hour every morning to work on only projects and tasks that will bring business in, improve your gross margins or streamline other parts of your business to make it more efficient. It will amaze you at what idea’s you will come up with once you start doing this.

Years ago I heard someone say “we can’t manage time but we can manage interruptions”.  Did you get that. Read it again. We can manage our interruptions. What can you do towards doing this better?

Which nicely gets us to our third Time Management Principal:

3) Parkinson’s Law – Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

Cyril Parkinson was a British naval historian, an author of some sixty books and a scholar in public administration. You remember cramming at school, right? Sometimes it worked well. That is a precise demonstration of Parkinson’s Law. You could have started and finished it sooner, but there were the inevitable delays.

Parkinson’s law is a symptom of not following Pareto and Drucker. If you are not following the two previous rules, you wait until the last minute to get your “real” work done? You’re wasting 80% of your time on unimportant things is the root cause of the time mis-management disease.

The cure is making shorter and shorter deadlines. Don’t wait. As Larry the Cable guy says…. ‘Let’s get’r done!”  and move onto the next number one item on your list.

Procrastination is characterized as ineffective, useless delay. The delay is due to some apprehension, fear it won’t be right, or it won’t be good enough or not seeing the way clear to completion. It can also mean we suffer from ‘paralyses from analysis’.

Assuming you have a tight deadline, the cure is to ask for someone to help you over this hurdle.

That’s right, ask for help. This can be tough for a lot of macho type guys or type ‘A’ personalities.

Ask someone to support you to complete a job, estimate or some other kind of work on time. As tough as this may be for you to comprehend, someone on your team may actually be better at doing a job function than you are.

Progress is made, very often, in small steps, but progress can…….and must, be made to achieve your personal and business goals!