Service Excellence For Technicians Training

Learning Objectives

The purpose of this course is to help technicians develop the essential skills to consistently create professional, memorable customer experiences.

Technicians primarily communicate with customers in person, during a restoration project, at a customer’s home or business. For the customer this event can be highly emotional. It’s not unusual for a technician to encounter from clients, frustration, grief, anger, or anxiety. Working with these emotions while establishing trust and creating a professional experience demands clear, concise, and empathetic communication.

Two 30-minute webinars for technicians focus on:

  • Arriving at the property, meeting the customer, being welcomed into the home or business, answering customer questions, and establishing clarity and expectations for the project in terms of timeline, noise levels, inconveniences, etc.
  • Working with specific customer situations such as an upset customer, a constant talker, an aggressive customer

Webinars are delivered by The Phone Lady (Mary Jane Copps) on her webinar platform. A quick survey is sent out to participants ahead of time to help customize the content. To accommodate technicians’ busy schedules, this webinar can be delivered early morning or early evening.

Course Outcome

The expected outcome is for attendees to come away with tips and techniques to enhance the overall ‘Customer Experience’ and help them look at things from the customers perspective. The main goal is to create cheerleader customers who will recommend and be satisfied with our services and thus helping to grow our business.

Training Time: These webinars are designed for input by the Technicians before the training. A quick survey is sent out to participants ahead of time to help customize the content. Also, a PDF Guidebook will be sent to all participants.

Note: Retail per attendee $995 for two 30-minute webinars, guidebook and survey

About your Instructor:

Mary Jane Copps

Mary Jane Copps embraced her alter ego – The Phone Lady – in 2006 and she has worked with over 500 clients training over 10,000 individuals how to communicate more effectively on the telephone, email and in person.

She has been profiled as a communications expert by the Wall Street Journal, National Post, The Globe & Mail, CBC, CTV, Global, as well as other publications, television, and radio outlets throughout North America (including a very silly skit on This Hour Has 22 Minutes!).

She is the author of The Phone Book: Essential Telephone Communication Skills and writes a weekly blog on all things phone!

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