Restoration Constructing and Renovating in Healthcare Facilities


This awareness course was developed for construction stakeholders who perform construction and/or renovation activities within, at or around health care facilities. Restoration and Remediation firms may find this course useful to train staff and make aware of basic principles of infection control in relation to construction activities, practices and procedures. During this course topics such as protect existing or future occupants from potential infection risks related to generating and dispersing dust that may be contaminated with biological agents such as mould and bacteria are discussed.

If you do emergency restoration, remediation, or construction services in a health care facility (“HCF”) or are conducting a major renovation at an existing HCF, you must be aware that this type of facility can pose specific infection risks to susceptible individuals and population risk groups.

One of the biggest challenges that Restoration Constructors face is what industry-accepted infection prevention and control (“IPAC”) standards and principles may apply to these projects, and when and how to practically implement required measures during various phases of a particular project. This is an awareness course that teaches content focused on key, industry-accepted IPAC principles that are commonly known and used throughout Canada.

This awareness course is not affiliated with or approved by the CSA Group or CHES:

The CSA Group – CSA refers to the Canadian Standards Association brand that was in use until it was replaced by CSA Group, which is an independent, not-for-profit membership association serving industry, government, consumers and other interested parties in Canada and the global marketplace. CHES is the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society which is a Canadian professional association. 

Learning Objectives

This awareness course will teach, and instruct various stakeholders in industry-accepted IPAC standards/principles and prevention measures applicable to each construction, restoration, or major renovation phase (1 – 5), and how to practically apply requirements in relation to required construction activities, practices, and procedures.

Although this course is not ‘approved’ by the CSA Group, this course primarily focuses on the requirements of Section 8 (Infection prevention and control measures for new construction projects) of the CSA
Standard Z317.13-17 Infection Control During Construction, Renovation, and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities.

Highlights of what you will learn:

  • Awareness of Responsibilities, Duties, Obligations
  • Importance of ICRAs, Work Plans
  • Awareness of Interpreting, Applying Principles/Standards
  • How to Effectively Plan/Perform Work
  • Contamination Issues, Risk Factors
  • Risk Communication
  • Awareness of the importance of Infection Control
  • Awareness of Dust/Water Management Principles/Controls
  • Risks/Liabilities, Effective Management
  • Infection Control Techniques (Hands-On)

During this Restoration Constructing and Renovating in Healthcare Facilities hands-on course, we include several problem-solving real-world scenarios and select, practical, hands-on exercises that can help Disaster Restoration & Remediation Contractors and other stakeholders navigate the issues and challenges that may arise on their HCF construction or major renovation projects.

The overall training goal of this awareness course is to help you and your stakeholders achieve practical but effective, protection of future (or existing) HCF occupants from being negatively affected by potential infection risks during and after required restoration, construction or renovation work activities.

Prerequisite Training required: None required.

Training Time: This is one-day (8.0 hours) course.

Who Should Attend: Owners, Senior Management, Owner Representatives, Site Superintendents/Foremen, Facility Project Managers, Construction Trades (Various), Designers, Planners, Engineers and HVAC/Plumbing Managers, Constructors (Generals, Primes), Prime Consultants, Commissioning Teams Other Key Consultants, Multi-Disciplinary Teams and Infection Prevention Control Professionals

Note: This training course does not issue certification by either the CSA Group or CHES. The ICTG Group issues its own certificate of completion. This awareness course teaches infection Prevention and Control Awareness and is useful to train staff and make aware of basic principles of infection control in relation to construction activities, practices and procedures.

Live training retail per attendee $4,950 which also includes course material, handouts, instructor travel and per diems. Minimum of three students
with a maximum of 15 students during this one-day training course.

About your Instructors:

All our qualified ICTG instructors have interfaced directly – at various points during health care facility projects – with involved stakeholders such as Owner
Representatives (e.g. health care authority), Facility Project Managers, Facility Maintenance and Operations Personnel, MDT Members, Disaster Restoration contractors, Remediation Contractors, Constructors, Trades, Infection Control Professionals, etc.

Graham Dick

Graham Dick CR™ (RIA Certified Restorer), CMP™ (RIA Certified Mold Professional), AHERA – is recognized across North America as one of the most technical owners in the property damage restoration industry. He achieved the highest industry designations of Certified Restorer and Certified Mold Professional.


As a leader, he has been an active participant on multiple industry boards and too many committees to mention. This extended as a subject matter expert onto multiple CSA and ANSI standards for Infection Control, Fire/Soot Restoration, and Mold Remediation. You will find Graham sharing his experience and knowledge as a sought after conference speaker and in recent years educator and trainer.

Graham’s contracting career began in the Greater Vancouver region 30 years ago when he founded Genesis Restorations Ltd. Besides the regular fire/flood insurance work, he really excelled in solving chemical and biological contamination issues dealing with crime/trauma scene cleaning, norovirus decontamination of cruise ships, meth/fentanyl clean up and much more commonly mould and asbestos.

In 2010, he recognized the challenge of working in health care facilities and soon was applying his restoration and decontamination experience with a twist. His ability to isolate and control the environment thereby minimizing the impact and risk to hospital occupants grew into a teaching contract with CSA Group. Then various health authorities asked him and his business partner to develop and deliver ‘hands-on’ training for their facility staff and ICTG was born.

Colin Redfern

Colin Redfern is respected as an expert in Facility Management in Advanced Education and Healthcare Facilities. Since 2005 Colin has been working in Facility Senior Management positions involved in planning, design, building, renovating and maintaining of healthcare facilities.

Colin is a champion of infection prevention and control culture by sponsoring consultants and contractors he has worked with in healthcare construction and infection control education and mentoring.




Craig Yee

Craig Yee M.Sc. (OEH), CRSP, AHERA – is an industrial hygienist and infection control expert who is well known for his technical knowledge and skills, and his practical approach to assisting various stakeholders with identifying and managing their occupational health and safety and infection risks. He has founded and manages both OHS Global Risk Solutions Ltd. and the Infection Control Training Group, which provide infection prevention and control consulting and practical certification and awareness training, respectively.

Craig has extensive experience in the healthcare environment and has worked on a variety of subject matters in dozens of facilities across Western Canada and the Territories. Craig is a member of the 2017 CSA Standard, Section 8. (New Construction Projects) Working Group Committee and actively participated in rewriting, revising, and adding various standards

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