Preparing For Catastrophe Events in a Restoration Business Workshop

Learning Objectives

This course will teach attendees proven strategies, systems, training, guidance, and support you need to maximize your business success and results when dealing with a surge of claims from an event or when you need to mobilize response to a catastrophic (CAT) event.

Attendee’s will discover tips and techniques to streamline and get more efficient in their Restoration or Remediation company, from the time an event is declared to when its is complete.

During this training we will be focusing on topics like:

  • When do you go into CAT Mode
  • Initial steps needed once a CAT event is declared
  • What roles need to change in a CAT
  • How to effectively and efficiently train new staff for an event
  • Ways to deal withAccounts Receivables and Payables in a CAT
  • Discover ways to anticipate Cash Flow and other Finance issues
  • Administration systems and processes
  • Marketing: both what to do and what not to do
  • Anticipate Human Resources and what will be needed
  • Leadership development
  • Operations and Work flows in a CAT event
  • SOP’s and Checklists needed in preparation for a CAT event

Ideal for Managers, Project Managers, Project Manager Assistants and Supervisors who understand the importance of this training in order to avoid the steep learning curve and costly mistakes when dealing with a CAT Event.

In addition to the training we provide workbook exercises and open discussion to help students know importance of pre planning and preparing for these types of events. Doing a poor job at this can jeopardize existing customer relations and negatively affect your business for years to come.

We will cover various strategies and tactics for developing their team and themselves into better business operators when a surge or CAT event happens.

During this strategic and intensive training we will accomplish more in two days than most ever do in preparing for CAT events. This course is laser focused on helping Disaster Restoration and Remediation contractors tackle future surge and CAT events effectively and profitability.

Who this ‘Preparing For Catastrophe Events in a Restoration Business Workshop’ Is For:

Disaster Restoration service business managers who are ready to hit the ground running with a fresh focus and a real action plan when a CAT or surge event occurs in the market they serve… or when they plan to mobilize to help other communities in a time of need.

Businesses who want to expand their client base to handle more claims during CAT events. Doing so will help them secure insurance program work when things return to normal.

Contractors and their staff who want to implement today’s leading-edge strategies, such as forming joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances, while building a loyal base of avid customers through proper preparedness for CAT events. We focus on key areas that will impact your business positively.

Course Outcome

During this intensive training workshop, we help students create a customized set of action items for the role they are responsible for, along with giving them the template to create a proven path for success in their disaster restoration contracting business during CAT events.

In this Training Course students will learn:

  • Understand CAT events and how they are getting bigger and more frequent, with huge impacts on communities and the insurance industry
  • Discover how to better prepare your company for CAT events
  • This training workshop will give you tools to develop and outline CAT Action Plan for your business
  • Tools, tips and techniques you can use in your work when dealing with a CAT event to help avoid, reduce, and mitigate unintended consequences from damaging a company’s performance and reputation
  • How to maintain needed gross margins during a CAT event
  • How to develop your response to CAT events so it isn’t negatively impacted as a result of your service

Training Time: This workshop course will be delivered over 14.0 hours, not including breaks or assignments.

This course can be delivered via two options, whichever is best for the attendees or a combination. One is doing everything virtually via video conference calls (Zoom) or the instructor can visit your business for 2 days and work with the attendees, who are usually senior managers who lead the business processes and services during a CAT event.

Note: Retail per attendee $9,500 which also includes a course material

About your Instructors:

Dan Murray

Dan Murray, CR, CVB has helped hundreds of business owners throughout the USA and Canada develop a business that gets better results, faster and easier.

Dan has been a Certified Restorer since 1993 and has earned his Certificate of Environmental Management and Certified Value Builder designations.

For over 20 years he ran full service Disaster Restoration and Environmental Remediation businesses and did Large CAT losses across Canada and the US.

He then spent 10 years as a franchisor in this industry where he developed his passion for training and helping business owners and their teams.

Since 2009 Dan has trained contractors and their teams to re-think, re-focus, and re-energize to achieve extraordinary outcomes and deliver exceptional customer experiences!

Art Johnson CR, WLS, CLS, started in the Restoration industry in1988. He went from a 2-person company doing carpet and upholstery cleaning to assisting in the growth of one of western Canada’s largest, independently owned, full service restoration companys. Basically he went from a one-man tech to Senior Operations Manager and Trainer.

Art is a Certified Restorer (CR), a Water Loss Specialist (WLS), a Contents Loss Specialist (CLS), an IICRC Master Restorer and Cleaner, and a Certified Value Builder. Art has proudly served on, and for a time, chaired the Water Loss Institute, co-chaired the Restoration Council, along with serving as the Environmental Chair for the RIA.

He is the proud recipient of the RIA 2011 Industry recognized, Martin L. King award for outstanding service to the industry.

Art has extensive training and experience in all aspects of the restoration industry and is passionate about training and helping others transform their business to obtain their goals.

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