Live BASIC Xactimate Training

Learning Objectives

This training is a group event that takes the users through the when and why you need to know on various parts of the system work.

We allow each user to get familiar with the system and show how the different features apply to the field.

This training will get you and your team up and running to a level that you will be able to write an estimate.

Course Training include

  • How to manage and input pertinent Claim Info and Estimate Parameters including notes, details, labour burdens, advance payments, tag visibility, market condition distribution, and ability to import contact information
  • The user can demonstrate understanding of Sketch navigation techniques and importing floor plans
  • Training to understand Estimate Items navigation and scoping techniques including simultaneously adding items to multiple rooms, using grouping filters, and item scenarios
  • Understanding techniques to estimate in Sketch
  • Understanding of exterior estimating techniques including creating a building footprint, generating exterior walls from a roof, etc.
  • Instruction on understanding of inspections that take place when completing and printing an estimate
  • Demonstrations on administrative features associated with preferences, projects, and data transfer
  • Training on understanding of reports and document upload techniques
  • Training to identify and configure pricing features such as price lists, unit price, component prices, line item total, estimate parameters, sales tax, supporting events, labour minimums, view reports, net claim, and coverages

Recommended Preparations: Take the Reztimate Training and Consulting Fundamental & Proficiency Course

Training Time: This course includes two full days of classroom training (14.0 hours)

Certification Benefits:

If you are a professional working in the building and insurance repair industry, you recognize the value of an accurate repair estimate. Xactimate certification validates that a user has the knowledge to accurately create an estimate in Xactimate. Benefits of being a certified Xactimate user include:

  • Marketing yourself as one of the best Xactimate users in the business
  • How to write a well structured estimate
  • Reduce your time to write an estimate and improve KPI
  • Know how to scope and evaluate your job
  • Giving employers confidence that you are a certified Level 1 Xactimate user
  • Receiving a Level 1 certificate.

Retail price per attendee $3,999 which includes workbooks and course materials and all of the Instructors travelling costs.

About your Instructor:

Kris Rzesnoski

Kris Rzesnoski is a leading expert in Xactimate Training for contractors in Canada. He applies a very personal and objective approach to ensure that our services meet your needs, enhance your staff, and drive efficiencies and profitability into your company.

Our training helps contractors to get more estimates done in a day and write scopes better while understanding this complex software program that the majority of insurance carriers mandates us to use in Canada. We strive to help contractors meet expected KPI’s, have better margins, and improve customer service to all parties involved in a claim.

Kris started Reztimate Training in 2011 and has been working hard to train contractors on improving their systems, developing their relationship with insurers, and help delivery great customer service.

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