How to Develop an Employee Career Path in Your Business

Learning Objectives

Having defined career plans in your company will help you be more competitive in finding, hiring, and keeping great talent in your Restoration or Remediation company. This workshop is ideal for managers who understand the importance of hiring, training, developing, and keeping long term employees.

During this workshop we will discuss and work on proven strategies, systems, and guidance in how to develop a career plan for employees in your company. We will discuss how to develop lists of short-term and long-term career goals and the actions you can offer to help your employees achieve them.

For employers to have a successful and healthy high-performing workplace you have to have a defined career path for new and existing employees in today’s competitive job market. If you don’t, chances are your employees will jump ship. This workshop will help you develop a career plan for the majority of your employees so you can be more competitive as a long term employer of choice.

During this workshop we will look at the various steps in creating an effective employee development plan so we can better match with your employee’s career goals and needs. Topics that we will be covered include:

  • Hindsight: Why and how to get a clear understanding of each employee’s background, training, and experience. This is the baseline information you need in order to have a Career Path conversation with anyone.
  • Foresight: This includes looking forward at the needs of your company as it relates to your employees. We will discuss questions like: Where is our industry going? What’s going on in the bigger picture of the property damage repair industry? What training and experiences do they need to go to the next level.
  • Insight: We will discuss where Hindsight and Foresight intersect. Where do the employee’s skills and interests intersect with where the company and industry is going? Where does it make sense to focus development efforts to ensure the two are aligned?

During this training we will be focusing on topics like available training options, your HR plan, leadership development for your employees, growth and goal planning, Operations and how this helps develop your company culture. In addition to the training we will do workbook exercises and have open discussion on your needs. We will explore career options you can develop for your team by looking at which jobs can lead employees to better jobs and develop their skills within your company.

We will cover how to develop a career path for your employees. A career path is a laid out plan of a logical format of how employees may progress within a typical restoration business. You will learn the importance of developing several career paths for Restoration Technicians, Restoration Crew Chiefs, and Restoration Supervisors, etc.

Who this ‘How To Develop An Employee Career Path In Your Business’
Workshop Is For:

  • Restoration business managers who want a fresh focus and are committed to building a thriving, rewarding, and profitable restoration and/or remediation business with a motivated team of trained employees.
  • Contractors who want to implement today’s leading-edge HR strategies by laying out a defined Career Path and company opportunities, while building a loyal base of avid employees through education and other initiatives.

Course Outcome

During this intensive training workshop, we help attendees create a customized set of career paths for the roles they are responsible for, along with giving them the template to create a proven path for success in their specialty contracting business.

A key outcome of this course is to help employers develop a career path for their employees. The goal of the Career Path method is for employers to be able to assist employees by identifying targeted training and development opportunities within your company and industry so the appropriate learning options will be taken to the mutual benefit of all parties concerned.

Each company will develop properly aligned competencies with course categories and course levels to provide recommended training options. This will make them an attractive employer of choice. The result should lead to every employee having the opportunity to take charge of his or her own career path in your company.

In this Training Workshop attendees will learn:

  • Ways to layout career options for your employees and develop a refined list of career options and paths for what is needed for advancement
  • Prioritize – What are the top skills your employees must have? What’s most important to you? What matters to you and what’s a deal-breaker?
  • Consider Other Factors – You should consider factors such as how training and experiences by one department can help or be useful for other departments
  • Choice – Help your current employees stay, develop, and understand career path options open to them. Encourage potential new hires to join your team
  • Set “SMART” Goals – Identify your staff’s career options and develop an action plan to implement your decisions. Identify specific, time-bound goals and steps to accomplish your plan. Set short-term goals (to be achieved in one year or less) and long-term goals (to be achieved in one to five years)
  • Create Your Company Career Path Action Plan – It’s important to be realistic about expectations and timelines. Discuss and create specific action steps to take to achieve your HR goals.

Training Time: This course will be delivered during a two day (14.0 hours) workshop, usually done during one session at customer’s location.

Note: Retail per attendee $9,900 which also includes a course material, handouts, and instructor travel and per diems.

About your Instructor:

Dan Murray

Dan Murray CR, CVB has helped hundreds of business owners throughout the USA and Canada develop a business that gets better results, faster, and easier.

Dan has been a Certified Restorer since 1993 and has earned his Certificate of Environmental Management and Certified Value Builder designations.

For over 20 years he ran full service Disaster Restoration and Environmental Remediation businesses and did Large CAT losses across Canada and the US.

He then spent 10 years as a franchisor in this industry where he developed his passion for training and helping business owners and their teams.

Since 2009 Dan has trained contractors and their teams to re-think, re-focus, and re-energize to achieve extraordinary outcomes and deliver exceptional customer experiences!

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