High Performance Business Culture Training

Learning Objectives

While businesses need leaders who inspire, energize, and innovate to meet tomorrow’s challenges, those leaders need a north star to aim for and a set of guiding principles to help them get there.

One of the most important—and most difficult—things effective leaders do is engaging their team members. An effective leader promotes a workplace environment that supports adaptability, innovation, and growth.

This course teaches:

  • What is the vision, mission, and core values and why they matter
  • How developing these will strengthen your team and business
  • The role these key factors play in your business
  • Actually creating the vision, mission and core values for your company

Who Should Attend: Project Managers, Senior Management, and Business Development

Course Outcomes:

You will have created a set of guiding principles for your business and your team to move forward with. Core values shape culture and inform vision. They drive structure, strategy, systems, roles, location – everything! You will maximize your business performance because you have created a framework that guides direction and decision making throughout the organization.

Clarity of vision, mission, and core values gives clarity on what to measure for the optimal growth and performance of both the team and the business.

Prerequisite Training: None required

Training Time: This workshop course will be delivered over 14.0 hours, either in-person or via Zoom.

Note: Retail per attendee $3,995 which also includes course material

About your Instructor:

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson has over 25 years of experience as an effective trainer and coach working with small business, large corporations, and government agencies. He has facilitated training programs for businesses and government agencies in the USA, Australia, Argentina and Canada. He has held several positions including Project Manager, Field Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Training Manager, and Business Owner.

Now Mark’s focus is to improve people’s lives through their business. He does this by providing coaching and training programs that help people make changes necessary to thrive in the world today.

Mark has an honest and friendly approach. He continuously learns to better serve his clients. He has made dramatic changes in his own life and supports people in moving forward in their lives. Mark has studied how the mind works and this helps him to provide better training and facilitation for his clients.

Mark’s clients enjoy more success, less stress, greater focus, and overall a huge uptick in their productivity, results, and income.


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