Health & Safety Technician 2-Day course (HST)

Learning Objectives

The Health and Safety Technician (HST) training is an IICRC Certification course. It is a must for those performing restoration or mould remediation services. Through participation in this HST course, students will learn how health and safety directly affects them and others on a day to day basis.

This course is provided to increase safety in your workplace and reduce your company’s risk of costly fines and penalties. It is also designed to put you ahead in the restoration industry to show insurance companies you and your staff are ahead of the competition regarding health and safety.

Topics Covered

The IICRC Health and Safety Technician (HST) class covers four categories of issues regarding health and safety:

  1. The local laws and regulations of the students which would include both federal and local laws
  2. The philosophy of hazard assessment and hazard controls, including the hierarchy of controls, risk assessments, job hazard analysis and incident investigation
  3. Required safety plans
    • WHMIS
    • Written respirator program
    • Exposure control plan
    • Emergency preparedness and response
    • Fire action plan
    • PPE program
  4. Safe work practices
    • Confined space
    • Electricity / lock out
    • Working surfaces- floors, ladders, scaffolds, guardrails
    • Manual handling
    • Heat stress
    • Workplace violence
    • Substance abuse

This class is open to Technicians, Supervisors, Project Managers and other who want to know regulations and how it affects their personal health and safety.

Cleaning, Restoration and Remediation work will be discussed and the importance of following proper health and safety procedures.

Prerequisite Training required: None required

Training Time: This is a two-day course; 14.0 hours, not including exam time, lunch and breaks with 2 IICRC CEC’s earned

Note: Retail per attendee $1,499 which also includes any course handouts. Exam fees are additional and must be paid at time of exam. Exam fees are $65.00 USD per person and fees are payable directly to the IICRC.

About Your Instructor:

Lee Senter

Lee Senter, IICRC Approved Instructor, IICRC Vice Chair of Standards, Health and Safety Advocate. Lee is an approved instructor for WRT, ASD, HST, CCT, CCMT, TCST and UFT IICRC courses. Also, he is a Carpet and Flooring Inspector and performs independent third party inspections for carpet and flooring manufacturers, retailers and end users.

Lee owns and operates DryIt in the Toronto, ON GTA market. It is a disaster restoration company whose mission is to dry facilities as fast as possible with the least amount of destruction as possible. In 1998 he founded Fresh and Clean and Lee is proud that Fresh and Clean became Canada’s first Certified Green Sustainable Contractor under the CSSA program.

The aspect of health and safety in the disaster restoration and remediation industry are viewed as compliance with regulations rather than a culture of safety in the workplace. Lee’s mission in life to make the philosophy of health and safety paramount to all companies that he works with. Also, the service companies Lee operates are certified green and always use the safest techniques and products possible.

  • We may use other IICRC approved instructors that have successfully completed a written examination and document skills in the specific subject to become certified, if needed to fulfil teaching schedules or requests.

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