From the Simple to the Complex – Category 1, 2, 3, Water Losses


Water damage can have a significant impact on property and contents when it is contaminated with affluence, chemicals, or ground water. Contaminates in the water can create a whole new set of problems.

Sewage and other contaminates pose a serious threat to those occupying the space and those preforming the remediation work. Also, there is an increased risk associated with indoor air quality, physical contamination, along with contents and building deterioration.

Efficient and effective remediation is essential in order to protect all inhabitants, the workers, the building, and it’s materials.

During this “From the Simple to the Complex…Category 1, 2, 3, Water losses” course we discuss things like:

  •  What impact do certain levels of contamination have on the environment, occupants, and the construction components?
  • Overview of how to determine what is salvageable and what is not
  • Understanding the basics of Categories 1, 2 and 3 water losses
  • We will briefly discuss the Class of water damage
  • How the Category and Class of a water damage is important to determine the amount and type of equipment needed to dry-down the structure

This training covers many important decisions facing restoration professionals during most water damage situations they encounter.

Course Outcomes:

This training considers a number of aspects associated with these types of losses including but not limited to:

  • What determines the category of loss?
  • What complications do the category of loss pose?
  • What impact does this have on the occupants, restorers and the environment?
  • How can we protect ourselves and the occupant?
  • Why is so much more involved than just drying the structure?
  • What restoration procedures are put in place in dealing with these losses?

Remediating buildings contaminated with sewage and other water losses safely, quickly, efficiently, and with the insured still a loyal client at the end of it all can be a challenge but is possible.

Prerequisite Training: None required.

Who Should Attend: Technicians, Project Manager Assistants, Supervisors, and anyone else in your company who should have a basic overview and understanding in the differences of Categories in Water Losses and how they affect the proper handling of a claim.

Training Time: This is a 2 Hour (2.0 Hours) course;

Note: Retail per attendee $595 which also includes course material and instructor travel. Minimum of five participants required for this training.

About your Instructor:

Art Johnson

Art Johnson CR, WLS, CLS, started in the Restoration industry in1988. He went from a 2-person company doing carpet and upholstery cleaning to assisting in the growth of one of western Canada’s largest, independently owned, full service restoration companys. Basically he went from a one-man tech to Senior Operations Manager and Trainer.

Art is a Certified Restorer (CR), a Water Loss Specialist (WLS), a Contents Loss Specialist (CLS),  an IICRC Master Restorer and Cleaner, and a Certified Value Builder. Art has proudly served on, and for a time, chaired the Water Loss Institute, co-chaired the Restoration Council, along with serving as the Environmental Chair for the RIA.

He is the proud recipient of the RIA 2011 Industry recognized, Martin L. King award for outstanding service to the industry.

Art has extensive training and experience in all aspects of the restoration industry and is passionate about training and helping others transform their business to obtain their goals.

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