Direct Report Meetings Workshop

Learning Objective Description

Moving through the Cycle of Communication with ease:

Direct report meetings play a significant role in communication flow between all levels of management and staff. We present and discuss topics such as:

  • How should direct report meetings support these efforts?
  • What should these meetings include?
  • How long should they be?
  • Who is responsible for what?

Regular, effective meetings with direct reports ensures accountability. Remember, you hired your direct reports (department managers and lead techs) to provide a solution to a problem. They must take responsibility for that role and thus remove some of the pressure from you. These meetings are also an excellent opportunity to coach, mentor, and guide when needed. They show that you care, support, and respect their role and position they hold.

In this course we will discuss and work on:

  • The importance of owners and managers deciding a direction
  • The culture needed to take us there
  • Those best fit for the role of a Direct Report
  • A format that helps these meetings to be consistent and productive
  • The direct report course is a must attend for those leading the organization, those leading within the organization, and anyone responsible for carrying the message to the front-line employees.
  • Draft your Direct Report Questions and do role playing exercises

By the end of this course you will have worked through an exercise on how to choose the direction that you would like to go, who you want by your side along the way, and how to create a program that will help you maintain the pulse of how you’re doing.

Prerequisite Training: None required

Training Time: This is a one day course; 7.0 hours
Note: Retail per attendee $2,750 which also includes a course material

About your Instructor:

Art Johnson

Art Johnson CR, WLS, CLS started in the Restoration industry in 1988. He went from a 2-person company doing carpet and upholstery cleaning to assisting in the growth of one of western Canada’s largest, independently owned, full service restoration companys. Basically he went from a one-man tech to Senior Operations Manager and Trainer.

Art is a Certified Restorer (CR), a Water Loss Specialist (WLS), a Contents Loss Specialist (CLS), an IICRC Master Restorer and Cleaner, and a Certified Value Builder. Art has proudly served on, and for a time, chaired the Water Loss Institute, co-chaired the Restoration Council, along with serving as the Environmental Chair for the RIA.

He is the proud recipient of the RIA 2011 industry recognized Martin L. King award for outstanding service to the industry.

Art has extensive training and experience in all aspects of the restoration industry and is passionate about training and helping others transform their business to obtain their goals.

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