Dare To Lead: Employing Mental Health in the Restoration Workplace Workshop

Restoration companies, like many workplaces, are facing increased challenges regarding employee mental health. This is associated with the emerging epidemic of workplace stress and even burnout.

The Canadian Mental Health Commission of Canada reports that approximately 500,000 Canadians in any given week are not able to work due to mental health problems or illnesses.

Employing mental health in the workplace is not only crucial, but it requires daring
leadership to acknowledge these issues, address it in meaningful and effective ways, and implement strategies and systems that will support the healthy development of employees. Doing this will contribute to greater productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Learning Objectives

Engaging in focused conversations around mental health and wellness in the workplace is widely acknowledged as being beneficial for the growth and success of organizations. However, many business owners, managers, and in fact entire organizations are unsure of where to begin. This course will help.

The Dare To Lead: Employing Mental Health in the Restoration Workplace Workshop is designed to facilitate information and create an authentic and open environment to dive into conversations that are so valuable, but yet often challenging to have.

Much of the time supervisors and co-workers are not aware a performance problem stems from a mental health concern. The Canadian Mental Health Association reports that only 36% of employees would discuss a mental health concern with a manager.

Building awareness is the first step in taking action in implementing mental health in the workplace. Effective leadership practices can make employees more comfortable with disclosing mental health related difficulties and at the same time it can create an environment conducive to good mental health.

Course Outcomes

  • Become familiar with the most common mental health issues and recognize the typical symptoms associated
  • Build awareness about the Mental Health continuum and its application within the workplace
  • Obtain tools and resources to address mental health issues in the workplace
  • Develop and evolve a workplace culture where it is safe to discuss mental health issues without fear of discrimination
  • Increased confidence in encouraging and engaging in conversations around mental health and wellness
  • While built from a basic framework, this training course is customized to the client and their needs. A needs analysis is done with the client before delivery.

Prerequisite Training required: None required

Training Time: This is a one-day (7.0 hours) course
This course is delivered at your location as an instructor led training workshop.

*Minimum 8 participants required for training.

Who Should Attend: Front line leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Team Leads who are responsible for managing employee performance. Human Resource professionals, and others in your company who are working towards improving mental health in your workplace.

Note: Retail per attendee $1,495 which also includes course material, handouts, instructor travel and per diems. Minimum 8 participants required per course.

Disclaimer: Mental health awareness training provided by Your Restoration Coach Ltd.
and our Instructor, Martina Kelades of Life Out Loud – Mental Health Consulting, is not
intended to provide medical treatment or diagnose the mental health issues of
employees. Training provided is intended to implement evidence-based information and
provide practical strategies and resources to elevate awareness and promote
psychological health and safety within your organization.

About your Instructor:

Martina Kelades

Martina Kelades has been an active trainer for Mental Health First Aid Canada since 2016, certifying over 200 individuals. She believes strongly that Workplace Mental Health is more than an activity — it’s everyone’s business.

Martina brings the course material to life by drawing on over a decade of professional experiences supporting clients, as well as drawing on personal experiences and the narratives of others to enhance learning during the training.

She has provided Mental Health First Aid training for companies and organizations such as The Nova Scotia Public Service Commission, NS Worker’s Compensation Board, Laing House, Freeman’s Lumber, Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre, Futureworx Society, St. John Ambulance and many more.

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