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Restoration & Remediation Training Programs: Overview 

This is a brief overview of the various training programs that Your Restoration Coach Ltd. (YRC) offer our clients.

Our Next WRT Training course is scheduled for May 10 – 12, 2022

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Quality Programs. Quality Training. Quality Results.

Your Restoration Coach divides its programs into seven distinct categories (called “Tracks”) based on the type of training that is needed. All courses, workshops, and training is geared specifically towards helping Disaster Restoration and Remediation Contractors develop their talents and staff. 

These Tracks include:

  • CEC Training (IICRC & RIA CEC approved) 
  • IICRC Certified Training 
  • Technical Training
  • Sales & Marketing Training
  • Leadership & Management Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Xactimate & Software Training

All programs range in duration from 1 to 52 hours.  They are coordinated to be done over short periods of time or multiple courses can be bundled together for various employees of a contracting firm and scheduled out over a quarter or up to a year. 

Many of our courses help staff of restoration and remediation firms qualify for continuing education credits needed by various organizations, such as the IICRC and RIA. 

Your Restoration Coach also offers highly specialized, tailored training to meet the specific needs of our Contractor clients.

While most training programs are hosted and presented at your location, there are some courses that can be taken remotely through video conferencing (Zoom). We anticipate having an online learning platform in the future as well. 

Making Great Companies Even Better Is Our Goal

Your Restoration Coach offers a wide range of innovative programs that keep our clients on top of the latest trends and developments in our industry. Attendees gain new skills and qualifications while their company benefits with increased productivity and efficiency.

Your Restoration Coach’s Training Management will work with clients to assess their needs and customize a training program that meets their specific goals.

YRC Training Course – LIST OVERVIEW: 

CEC Training Courses

Water Damage Remediation Basics – 3.5 Hours

Contaminated Water Restoration – 3.5 Hours

Hoarding and the Restoration Contractor – 3.5 Hours 

Unravelling the Mystery of Contents Restoration – 3.5 Hours 

Trauma, Grow-op, Fentanyl, and Meth Lab Clean-up Basics – 3.5 Hours

Environmental Awareness – 3.5 Hours

Fire & Smoke Damage Refresher – 3.5 Hours 

Restoration 101 – 3.5 Hours 

Abatement 101 – 3.5 Hours

Contents Restoration – Beyond the Basics – 7.0 Hours

Water Damage Remediation – Beyond the Basics – 7.0 Hours

IICRC Certified Training Courses

AMRT: Applied Microbial Remediation Technician course – 28.0 Hours

ASD: Applied Structural Drying course – 28.0 Hours

CCT: Carpet Cleaning Technician course – 14.0 Hours

CDS: Commercial Drying Specialist course – 32.0 Hours

FSRT: Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician course – 14.0 Hours

OCT: Odour Control Technician course – 7.0 Hours

UFT: Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician course – 14.0 Hours

WRT: Water Damage Restoration Technician course – 19.0 Hours

TCST: Trauma & Crime Scene Technician: 2-Day Course – 14.0 Hours

TCST: Trauma & Crime Scene Technician: 3-Day Course – 21.0 Hours

HST: Health & Safety Technician 2-Day course – 14.0 Hours

Technical Training

Infection Control: Part 1 – Fundamentals: During Construction, Renovation and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities – 7.0 Hours

Infection Control: Part 2 – Effective Implementation and Practical Applications – 7.0 Hours

Contents Restoration Workshop – 14.0 Hours

From the Simple to the Complex…Category 1, 2, 3, Water losses – 2.0 Hours

Restoration Constructing and Renovating in Healthcare Facilities – 8 Hours

IPAC Awareness for Restoration Remediation and Construction – 4.0 Hours

Sales & Marketing Training

Business Growth Training Annual E-Program – 52.0 Hours

Disaster Restoration Digital Marketing Training – 28.0 Hours

How to Create Your Restoration Business Marketing Plan – 14.0 Hours

Business Growth Training In a Virtual World – 30.0 Hours

Leadership & Management Training

Restoration Management for Success – 3.5 Hours

Restoration Management – Building Real Value – 7.0 Hours

Work Smart – Finish Strong – 3.5 Hours

Kick-Starter Contractor Business Course – 17.5 Hours   

Listen Up & Lead Right – 3.5 Hours

The Keys To Better Business Performance Course – 42.0 Hours

Direct Report Meetings – 3.5 Hours

Direct Report Meetings Workshop – 7.0 Hours

High Performance Business Culture Training – 14.0 Hours

Leadership for Professionals – 7.0 Hours

Time Management for Professionals – 7.0 Hours

How to Develop an Employee Career Path in Your Business – 14.0 Hours

On-boarding Workshop for Restoration Contractors: 2-Day Training Workshop – 14.0 Hours

Mental Health First Aid Canada Basics – 12.0 Hours

Dare to Lead: Employing Mental Health in the Restoration Workplace Workshop – 7.0 Hours

Investing in Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace: A Business Case Course – 3.5 Hours

Crucial Conversations Training Course – 14.0 Hours

Preparing For Catastrophe Events in a Restoration Business Workshop – 14.0 Hours

Customer Service Training

Service Excellence For Technicians Training – 1.0 Hours

Service Excellence For Project Manager Assistants – 2.0 Hours

Improving The Customer Experience – 3.5 Hours

Software Training

Live BASIC Xactimate Training – 14.0 Hours

On-Line BASIC Xactimate Training – 10.5 Hours

Intermediate Xactimate WATER Training – 10.5 Hours

Intermediate Xactimate FIRE Training – 10.5 Hours

Advanced Online Xactimate Training – 7.0 Hours

Completing Estimates for Compliance and Profitability – 3.5 Hours

Parameters of our Training Program Offerings: 

Training can take many forms. Your Restoration Coach programs are:

  • Between 1 hour to 52 hours in duration
  • Industry certifications and CEC’s have been approved from associations.
  • Developed in-house specifically for Restoration & Remediation Contractors or by speciality instructors in our industry
  • The majority of training is held at your location
  • Some training is done in group workshop environments with others
  • Offered to clients across Canada
  • Designed to suit any budget
  • Most qualify for Canada / Provincial Job Grants


  • Prices shown are for training of one student
  • Prices will vary if a course is bundled with other training courses purchased at the same time
  • Prices may vary if multiple people from the same company purchase training at the same time
  • Fees include course material, handouts, or workbooks
  • All prices include course delivery, Certificate of Completion, and any costs for instructor to travel to client (if applicable)
  • We may use YRC approved instructors, other than those listed on individual course outlines. If so, YRC will ensure they have the skills in the specific subject. This is to fulfil teaching schedules or specific training requests.
  • All prices will have applicable taxes applied

Canada Jobs Grant

Your Restoration Coach is becoming a recognized trainer for the Canada Jobs Grant programs that are administered separately, by each Province. This Federal/Provincial Government program is targeted to private sector and non-profit employers, and provides a financial contribution to organizations (companies, industry associations, etc.) to help them train existing and new employees. 

There is an annual maximum government contribution for each employee trained and for the company. The goal of the program is to increase labour force participation and to help develop the skills necessary to find and keep meaningful and long term employment and to encourage employer involvement in training to ensure that skills are aligned to job opportunities.

To learn more about how the Canada Jobs Grant can fund your training program, please contact your Provincial Minister or Department of Labour. You can also contact your YRC Training Coordinator / Manager and we can provide initial details and contact info. 

Who Should Participate?

Our experienced, YRC approved, and often certified instructors deliver training for a wide range of positions in any Disaster Restoration or Environmental Remediation company. Our training courses are specially developed to assist Owners, Senior Management, Department Managers, Project Managers, Estimators, Project Manager Assistants, Administration and Accounting staff, Sales & Marketing people, and of course our Technicians and Supervisors who do a lot of the heavy lifting in servicing our customers.  

Our courses use up-to-date best practices and technologies and are taught by thought-leaders and subject matter experts with real-world implementation experience in the Disaster Restoration & Remediation Industry.

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We can help you to re-train, re-think, refocus, and re-energize your business to achieve extraordinary outcomes!