When to Hire a Business Coach

There is never a “wrong” time to start working with a Business Coach. A good Business Coach can be a great help no matter what challenges, goals or particular questions you have about fixing, tweaking or taking your business to the next level.

Lets be perfectly clear about one thing, okay?

Do you know of a successful sports figure who competes on a large stage that does not have a coach? It’s hard to think of even one, isn’t it?

Did you know that the majority of Fortune 100 CEO’s have coaches? Let’s see what a few of them have said.

“Even if executive coaching cost $50K (which it doesn’t), it’s barely a rounding error to invest in the coaching of a key player who has responsibility for millions of dollars and for key human resources. Coaching is a success if one direct report, who used to be too intimidated to speak up, comes up with an innovative idea.”

  • CEO, Fortune 100 Company

“The advancement that I have seen in my own career and leadership development is AMAZING!”

  • Vice-President, Fortune 500 Technology Company

“As the President of my company, the most beneficial aspect of having a coach is having someone very interested in my professional development who is completely detached from my personal and professional relationships.”

  • President, Fortune 1000 Company

“I would recommend coaching if you believe you are worth improving yourself to reach your highest potential. The most important thing is if you feel a connection with your coach and you trust him. The rest is up to you. You will get out of [the
coaching relationship] what you put into it and what you expect from it.”

  • Exec. Vice-President of Operations


Why do successful athletes and business folks need a coach?

To get that extra spilt second faster or just that little bit of a business edge in a highly competitive market. You need to work with someone who can make you better and stop you from hurting yourself. Someone that can give you practical advice on doing things that will get you the results you desire.

So what does getting a Business Coach mean?

It means YOU are committed to YOUR business and personal success! It means your personal pride or ego is not getting in the way of your business needs. It means you are ready for an experienced professional to take a fresh look at your business. It means taking YOUR business to the next level

Have we cleared that up?


Do YOU know the two main warning signs that tell you when you should be working with a Business Coach?

  1. Nothing is happening in your business, or even worse, you are going backwards.
  2. Everything is happening at once. Big growth, if you are not prepared or experienced with how to handle it, can be a huge challenge)

So, lets talk about item number one. Nothing is happening in your business. You are stuck in neutral and don’t know whether to shift into reverse, first or overdrive. Or, you feel your service is good, you have good systems in place, you are marketing well, but you are not seeing growth. There is no increase in profits, or worse yet you start losing money, and your sales are stagnant.

What are you to do?

First, don’t give up. Find an experienced Business Coach who is familiar with your business and can give you some help. Don’t beat yourself up as you will just get more frustrated. The answer may simply be a shift in perspective, realigning your goals with the reality of your marketplace. Business is fluid. Customers change. Competitors change. We change. Often these changes are very difficult to identify on your own. An outside perspective to challenge your thinking can be a huge help.

We have all heard the expression “you are too close to the forest to see the trees”. Often others can help you see areas for growth that you can’t. Sometimes you are just too close, and that is when you know you need some business coaching!

Now lets talk about item number two.

Everything is happening at once, big growth in revenue and profits, big growth in equipment and employees. Everything is firing on all cylinders. So why do you feel so out of control? The fact that you have read this far tells me you are not so full of pride that you don’t realize you have problems. That is a huge first step in addressing real issues to make your business more fun and enjoyable.

So let’s start with a few questions.

  •  Is your business growing the way you want?  Or do you feel out of control?
  •  Do you have the infrastructure to support the growth you have recently experienced?
  •  Is the growth long term or just because of a regional catastrophic loss in your town?
  •  How can you best capitalize on this growth?
  •  Which areas of your business should you expand?
  •  Which areas of your business should you contract?
  • Do you want to #BuildRealValue in your business?

Please, do me and yourself a huge favour! Don’t get so lost in the busyness of running your business that you ignore the vital questions above.  Too many restoration and remediation businesses fail because they are not properly set up to grow. I know it sounds crazy but it is true.

So let me warn you, if you start to feel successful and invincible, get a Business Coach on your team to help you navigate and help you set the proper course for your business.

Working with a Business Coach at start up time

In your Disaster Restoration or Environmental Remediation business there is a lot of work to be done, such as:

  • Setting up systems and procedures for growth
  • Planning and implementing marketing initiatives
  • Setting guidelines for training and staff development
  • Systematically delivering outstanding customer service

Establishing a great working relationship with Your Restoration Coach will help you tremendously to build a business on a solid foundation. Let your Business Coach help you avoid common mistakes.

It is much better for you to have good systems in place to prepare you for growth, #BuildRealValue and give you and your business the best possible chance for success!

Your business is strong and you are ready to take it to the next level

Once you have successfully gotten out of the starting gates there is still a lot of work to be done in your disaster restoration or environmental remediation business.

Finding and working with a business coach who has “been there – done that”, in the insurance property damage restoration, repair and remediation business can be a huge help. How? By helping you avoid common mistakes, preparing you for sustainable growth, giving you and your business the best possible chance for long term success, all the while ensuring you are building on a firm foundation.

Having a Business Coach will help you remember the original inspiration for your business. It will help you see new areas for growth. A good business coach may help you get a new perspective on your business or the realities of your current marketplace so that you see new opportunities.

Its all about growth and development for you, your Team and your company. Working with an experienced Business Coach will help you not only expand your vision but increase your sales and profits. A good Business Coach should not be looked as an expense but rather as an investment in your business. In fact a healthy ROI should be achieved on a yearly basis.


“Hey, its lonely here at the top!”

Absolutely. Winners can scare off or overpower a lot of people.
Having a Business Coach is perfect for the highly successful business owner. You have achieved amazing results. You know your business inside out. Others come to you for advice and guidance.

So, where do you turn to be challenged and inspired?

The more successful you are, the more likely you are to drive and challenge yourself to grow and learn. Working with a Business Coach can extend your personal skills and the overall scope of your business by showing you creative ways and paths to success you had not thought of.


So let me ask you, where are YOU right now?

Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed with activity and making every decision in your business? Are you strong but stuck in the same spot? Or are you ready to fly and go to the next level?

All of these are the right time to call Your Restoration Coach.

Contact us and lets chat about how our powerful business coaching methods can get you out of a rut, over a hurtle, and soaring ahead with sales, profits, staff development, and real growth.

Let’s #BuildRealValue together!