WHO is the Your Restoration Coach Team:

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • Why am I working longer hours than I want to? 
  •  How can I regain the vision and dream that led me to forming my own business in the first place? 
  •  Who can help me to regain control of my life and spend more time with family and friends? 
  • Is there anyone who can show me how to get balance back in my life?
  • Will I ever get to celebrate my successes?

Do you recognize these questions? My name is Dan Murray, CR, owner and founder of Your Restoration Coach Ltd., and I have faced them all. The unique real life experiences and broad range of business coaching skills and experiences our Team has, mean we are the kind of business coach to help you answer the questions above.

Answering these types of questions involves looking at your Water & Disaster Restoration or Environmental Remediation company from the outside, with experience, and known tactics and techniques to help identify issues you may have, such as:

  • Learning how to work ON your business, rather than IN your business
  • Spending less time working and more time building real value
  • Putting the family and fun back into your business and your life
  • Reconnecting with the dreams and visions that started your business
  • Time management – start managing your distractions and gain back control. 
  • Money management – learn how to budget and control better.
  • Team management – learn how to turn what is commonly a huge area of frustration into a joy
  • Rediscovering your passion and purpose 


We have all heard of the three “R’s” in school, right? 

In case you have not, they are: Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic.

Here are Your Restoration Coach’s 5 R’s of business life:

  1. Having the Right people
  2. In the Right area
  3. Getting paid the Right money 
  4. Doing the Right roles and responsibilities
  5. Will get you the Right results

The YRC Team are seasoned Consultants, Mentors and Entrepreneurs that have combines, been in the Water & Fire Disaster Restoration field for over 50 years. We are also experienced in the Environmental Remediation field having operated companies doing mold, asbestos and oil spill remediation work. And we have lots of experience in marketing and Social Media to help you keep current with Business Development techniques in todays business environment.

We also have many unique business experiences within the insurance restoration, repair and remediation business, such as:

  • Taking over, owning and operating failed businesses and turning them around
  • Running a national Large Loss division of a Fortune 500 franchisee company’s network in Canada
  • Leading Disaster Restoration franchise networks
  • Overseeing Operations for a business that went from $3M to over $35M
  • Starting an Environmental Remediation business
  • Working with an international, high end consulting company in the Disaster Restoration industry
  • Helping build businesses through current marketing techniques in Social Media, and blogging
  • Experienced in practical and tactical relationship marketing to help you be visible, vocal and valuable to the network of people you need to get to know, like and trust you and your team.
  • Currently enjoy teaching and coaching companies that do property damage restoration, rebuilding and remediation work throughout the world through online coaching courses and other internet based methods

What does this all mean for you?

The Your Restoration Coach Team can be a huge asset for you to learn and draw from as you are coached and challenged  to the next level. We are highly sought after business coach’s who have achieved unique success in the highly specialized Disaster Restoration and Environmental Remediation business areas.

The goal of the Your Restoration Coach Team is to help YOU clarify your goals, help you develop and implement Action Items and then help you achieve your goals while developing the business of your dreams!

Get in contact now to learn about our coaching services and how our unique business coaching approach can bring the very best out of you, your team and your business.

Let’s #BuildRealValue together!