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pminsiderLet me ask you…. as a Project Manager in the Disaster Restoration / Remediation business are you facing stiffer competition?

And remember when you scoping and estimating a job easy and a lot less complex.

As a Project Manager, in todays business environment, we are constantly faced with in stringent KPI demands from insurance carriers while continually facing shrinking margins, demanding customers and less time to do more work.

In addition to all this we are constantly dealing with the difficulty of keeping good people and sub-trades!

As a result are you feeling overwhelmed and want tips and techniques to help you manage in todays environment better?

If you are…. you are not alone!

The unfortunate statistics are that approximately 87% of all restoration businesses are making significantly less profit than they were 5 years ago while you and your Team are working harder than ever to meet new and more stringent customer demands.

We have decided to do something about this. To build a community to help Project Managers …… and here are the details:

The Project Manager Insider

This is all about creating more efficiency for PM’s, their PMA’s and Production Team. It also will help you with marketing challenges in todays business environment, workflow, better Field Management processes, KPI’s, issues with team members and  plenty more.

And that is just the beginning…..there will be features posts and threads of discussion around all things related to Project Managers in the restoration and remediation field in a private on-line forum for members of this group only.

The PM Insider forum is user driven and provides points of discussion 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By posting on the PM Insider Forum, your query will be seen not only by the coaches and our team, but also by all our other Project Managers  so you can be sure that, whatever your problem, one of our users  will have experienced something similar and will be able to offer an opinion.

This will allow you to inspire, conspire and put up questions to your peers about how to improve your firm.

If you need a bouncing board for marketing, selling, efficiency or software ideas, etc., then this is the place.

Only Project Manager Insider members have access to this forum so you can be assured any question you need to ask of your peers remains only within the Disaster Restoration and Environmental Remediation profession.

So……what’s included in the PM Insider:

Ongoing PM Insider Member Support

• Project Manager Newsletter (Monthly)forum
• PM Insider Tips (weekly via email)
• PM Insider Coaching Webinars (Quarterly)
• “Social Media Marketing” Ideas (monthly via email)
• Short Coaching Videos with PDF Exercise / Action Sheet (Monthly)
• Monthly ‘Call In Q&A Hour’ to answer your biggest questions If you can’t make it to the call, that’s not a problem: you’ll receive a recording
• Unlimited access to the PM Insider Private on-line Forum


Examples of PM Insider discussions in the Private forum:

• Announcements
• Ask a Coach
• Business Manager
• Cashflow
• Efficiency
• Entrepreneurship
• Marketing
• People
• Quarterly Themes
• Quick Wins
• Marketing
• Social Media and Restoration
• Sales
• Xactimate (Note that the YRC team does not provide software support…but your fellow PM Insider members, who use the software every day, can probably help)
• Job Management programs
• Field Management programs
• Technology use in todays service business
• Plus more to be added


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Only $97 a month, no contract, no long term commitment. Just great content that will help and support you every day!