Marianne Stewart

Marianne Stewart

Trainer, Facilitator and Training Administration with Your Restoration Coach Ltd.

Marianne Stewart is a driven, successful business woman who has over 25 years of finance, HR, and small business experience. She knows every business is unique, and she enjoys training and assisting with administrating programs for our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Marianne helps our clients with the administrative process for the various Canada Jobs Grant programs across Canada. She understands what is required in the administration of these programs and helps as needed. Employers have to submit their own applications but she is a huge help in assisting our client training administrators to understand the application process and with the overall administration of these types of programs.

The current Canadian Federal/Provincial Government programs are targeted to private sector and non-profit employers, and provide a financial contribution to organizations (companies, industry associations, etc.) to help them train existing and new employees. The programs vary from province to province and are adjusted on a regular basis. Marianne keeps on top of these changes for us.

To learn more about how the Canada Jobs Grant can fund your training program please contact your Provincial Minister or Department of Labour. You can also contact your YRC Training Coordinator / Manager and we can provide initial details and contact info.

Marianne is also one of our training instructors and facilitates some of our courses and workshops. She has years of experience in goal training, setting business targets and budgets, year-end reporting, how to understand what your financials are telling you, and much more. She offers her business growth and financial experience, marketing expertise, and value building techniques to help our clients achieve their goals with various training programs.

Her vision is for every small business to be successful. She helps people achieve this through building a trusting relationship, helping clients understand the complexities of various government programs, and the administration setup of training programs.

Marianne lives just outside of Halifax and can be reached at: