Are your employees satisfied? They should be!

Let me ask you a question that I hope you know the answer to.

Do your employees come to work for more than a pay-cheque? If not, then you’ve got a problem, and it could be a big one. You need to make your workplace a positive environment—a place where people want to come to. How do you accomplish getting people to want to come to work? According to Wolf J. Rinke, author of Don’t Oil the Squeaky Wheel, you get people excited about coming to work by truly caring about employee satisfaction.

And what types of things breed satisfaction?

According to Rinke, a variety of tactics are used by the best companies. For instance, informal programs such as a “breakfast club” where the president shows up and rubs elbows with everyone, or suggestion boxes and recognition boxes.

The simple truth is we have both internal and external customers. You will be surprised at the turn around in morale and customer service when you start treating your staff as “internal customers”.

It’s important to wrap your culture around employee satisfaction. And when you do, its almost a sure bet guarantee that you will find that you have more satisfied customers—and a heftier bottom line as well.

What is the best idea you have implemented in your company to boost employee morale?