This video shows how going beyond typical expectations can have its advantages and can take your business to a whole new level. Take a look. I trust it sparks some idea’s for you and your business!
Do you compete in a crowded marketplace? Do you compete with bigger Disaster Restoration companies who have more established brands? So how do you stand out? Take some inspiration from an unusual but very successful Doughnut shop.

This Doughnut Shop may seem extreme, but the strategy isn’t. Start by getting a clear idea of what the pattern in your industry is. Take the Disaster Restoration industry as an example. Where do you get claims? From an adjuster? From insurance agents? Direct from property owners? What kind of claims do you normally get (or want), i.e. residential or commercial or losses over or under $10,000? What kind of service’s do your main competitors offer? Are you and your competitors all saying the same thing to the same customer base? (think route marketing) Are you all going after exactly the same customer base?

If you’re in a crowded marketplace (and who isn’t), you aren’t going to get attention by doing something a little better than everyone else. They didn’t try to serve doughnuts that were 3% tastier and 2% cheaper than everyone else.

The way you get attention is by doing something nobody else is doing, or by doing one thing ferociously better than everything else. What are YOU doing to stand out from the crowd?