Summer is here and the Stanley Cup NHL Hockey Playoffs are over …….finally!

The lure of goofing off  battles with the responsibility of getting something done in your business.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! What if you could do it ALL — make money, grow your business AND have time to play? Interesting concept, eh?

Here are 3 ways to do just that:

1. Plan your time off.  Do you have your vacations blocked off yet? What about afternoons off? Long weekends? Go ahead and plan those as well and get them on the calendar (because if you don’t it’s not going to happen). Do you know what else this will do for you?  If you have time blocked off  you can relax and focus during work time because you have your “play” dates already accounted for. Simple. But it works.

Not sure how much time off to block off? Do you have a big project starting up this summer? Catching up on rebuilds from all the tear outs this spring? You may not be able to take as much time off as you’d like, but schedule what you can and see what happens. Or maybe you have decided you’re going to “coast” this summer? Then definitely block off more time. Or just ask your gut. How much time is your gut telling you to take off?

2. Plan to WORK on your work days. No screwing around. You have your time off planned, so on the days where you’re scheduled to get things done, get things done. Because if you don’t, you’re going to be tempted to not take your time off, which means you’ve in effect “lied” to yourself.

3. Recharge yourself if you’re really feeling stuck or sluggish. I get it. Just because the calendar says you must work doesn’t mean you’ll actually feel like working. So what do you do on those days?

Take a break. Go for a walk. Call a couple of friends and go to Tim Hortons or Fivebucks for a coffee. Blast an oldie but goodie song on your iPod. Go outside and sit in the sun for 10 minutes. Go to the gym. Take a half hour ride on your Harley. You get the picture right?

The best thing you can do is move around, either by exercising or a change of location or both. It doesn’t have to last long — even 10 minutes is enough. Just do SOMETHING. Chances are when you sit back down you’ll be able to focus on your work.

Dan enjoying Cape Breton, NS on a Harley Above all, keep in mind why you have a business in the first place.


Yes, we often put in long hours but you also need to balance that with time off. Chances are you didn’t start a business so you could work all the time but so you could work when you CHOSE to. Summer is a great time to remind yourself you have the power to arrange your work schedule to suit yourself, your family and your life.

ACTION STEP #1: Open your calendar right now and book in some vacation days and some “play time”.

ACTION STEP #2: Leave a comment below and let us know if this helped you plan a better summer (smile)

P.S.: Guess what I do to recharge my batteries and have a little fun…..