Completing Estimates for Compliance and Profitability

The Completing Estimates for Compliance and Profitability course is designed for anyone involved in the writing or reviewing Xactimate estimates at a Disaster Restoration company.

Disaster restoration contractors most used program for claims estimation is Xactimate. While it is used by almost every restoration company it is not used to its full potential in many cases. There are still lots of items being missed, undercharged for or not in compliance with an Insurance Company’s Service Level Agreement (SLA).

A Xactimate estimate is a representation of the hard work of many tradespeople. To capture this accurately an estimator needs to have knowledge of trades from the roof to the foundation, and everything in between.

Another important factor is that by not meeting XactAnalysis full-cycle claims analytical and reporting obligations, the claims flow-through can be delayed and penalize your business. This would mean you will get fewer rotations in receiving claim assignments.

Yes, being in non-compliance can and will most likely mean less work. XactAnalysis constantly monitors the data to help claims professionals catch errors, report on progress, and benchmark performance.

This Completing Estimates for Compliance and Profitability training helps you be on top of every job… quicker, easier, and with less stress.

Learning Objectives

This course will identify items that are commonly missed in estimate writing, and it will describe when and how solutions may be applied.

Due to inaccuracy with pricing, days allowed, included items required, etc., many contractors miss opportunities to bill what they are entitled to.

This training will help you:

  • Be in compliance with various insurance industry programs
  • Give you less back and forth action between all parties involved in a claim
  • Get estimates and invoices submitted properly… the first time
  • Reduce time spent on files
  • Less Review Desk inquires to deal with
  • Improve your Gross Margins

You will learn how to tell what is and isn’t included inline items. This course will help you ensure that you are estimating in compliance with the Preferred Vendor Agreements and their accompanying SLA’s by using the simple to use AskAiME program.

Our training will also help you identify when overlap or duplication exists in order to ensure that you produce a fair and compliant estimate for services estimated.

Course Outcomes

By working through real disaster restoration scenarios, this course will improve an attendees ability to write and review estimates for:

  • Industry best practices – with attention to the IICRC and Xactimate methodology
  • Profitability – through applying estimate line items for all tasks a trade completes
  • Compliance with carrier expectations
  • Increased Gross Margins by selecting the proper line items for many functions you may have been missing, which means you have been undercharging for

You will come out of this course with training and tools needed to sharpen your ability to write profitable and compliant estimates commensurate with the work required to complete the job.

Prerequisite Training required: Working knowledge of Xactimate 

Training Time: This is a half-day (3.5 hours) course

This course is delivered via live interactive video for half-day. Please note that there is approximately 30 minutes of prep required in advance.

Note: Retail per attendee $995. Minimum of three participants required for training.

*This Training includes 5 free AskAiME uses per registered student.

Who Should Attend: Owners, Department Managers, Project Managers, Project Manager Assistants, Estimators, Compliance Manager and others who may be involved in seeing that Xactimate estimates get prepared and sent out properly.

About your Instructor:

Chris Tilkov / owner of ASK Aime Inc.

Chris Tilkov has been involved in the oversight and writing of tens of thousands of estimates in Canada and the United States.

As a Manager with a national restoration group, Chris developed a team to remotely write estimates for contractors from coast-to-coast, while ensuring compliant estimating practices to insurer’s expectations. He also managed the Estimating and Compliance team for one of Canada’s largest independently owned full-service restoration companies, accepting several performance awards for compliance on the company’s behalf.

Chris has designed technology to enable the teams he has worked with including platforms to share and collaborate; reporting and dashboards to improve key performance metrics; instant reviews of estimates through robotic process automation.

Chris has earned his Bachelor of Technology and is the creator of the AskAiME automated review technology.

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