Business Success Is NOT an Accident!

Donald Cooper and I co-authored this article in the March 2015 issue of the Contents Industry Review magazine.

This is a great article to share with your Management Team.

There are 3 powerful questions outlined in this article. These questions can help form a great agenda for your next Team meeting with your Managers.

Discussing these questions is guaranteed to help pull out some innovative ways to take your business to the next level.

ROC Article_CIR Mag_March2015

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To YOUR Success!

30-20-10 on This Week’s Video Blog

30-20-10……any idea what I’m talking about? Many don’t!

One of the challenges that we’re all faced with is time management. We are being pulled in many directions and everyone wants us immediately.

In this week’s video, I talk about how I use the 30-20-10 principle. Being involved in three businesses, I’ve had to really concentrate on time management and this principle really works well for me.

What am I talking about? Click here to watch this week’s video and find out!

P.S.: Let me know what you think about the 30-20-10 principle in the comments.

Live to Live on This Week’s Video Blog

I encourage you today to live to live!

In this week’s video I talk about life being a lot more than business. Go for a morning walk, plan to have fun and spend time with family and friends.

When was the last time you called someone just to say, “Hi” with no business motive in mind?

Do something this week that makes you feel alive!

Watch this week’s video and please share this message with your friends and colleagues.

P.S.: Leave a comment and let me know what you did this week to feel alive!

Diversify or Die on This Week’s Video Blog

How can we diversify? This is something we need to be thinking about to take our businesses to the next level.

In this week’s video, I am speaking to you from a beautiful little port in Prince Edward Island. This village has done very well from diversifying.

There are many ways we can think outside the box to diversify and meet the challenges that we’re all facing today.

Don’t let your business die, diversify!

P.S.: Have you diversified your business recently? If so, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Be Aware of Social Media on This Week’s Video Blog

Did you know that we have to be aware of what we post on social media?

In this week’s video I am standing outside an Italian grocery store in Florida which has been quite the experience.

A big part as to why this Italian grocery store is so well known……and how we came across it, is from social media!

Want some social media tips? Watch this week’s video below.

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Think and Grow Rich on This Week’s Video Blog

Have you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? If you haven’t, I highly recommend that you do!

In this week’s video I encourage you stop and think about growing rich. Too many of us don’t even think about where we are going……let alone planning on getting rich.

Growing rich isn’t all about money……it’s happiness, good health, satisfaction, and so much more!

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Create an Annual Event on This Week’s Video Blog

What are you planing to do this year to create an annual event in your company?

In this week’s video, I am outside the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. This event is absolutely incredible and generates a lot of buzz!

Watch this week’s video for tips on holding an annual event for your company that will get people talking about you in your town.

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How Effective is Your Leadership on This Week’s Video Blog

How effective is your leadership? It’s the question that a lot of us don’t want to ask……but we need to find out.

Did you know that good leadership is vital to help your company and staff grow?

Watch this week’s video blog as I encourage you to become a better leader by developing, educating and training yourself.

Always keep concentrating on leadership……you’ll get better at it and things will happen that you never would have dreamed of.

P.S.: There are many great books on leadership. Send me an email and I’ll reply with a few titles that I’d recommend reading.

What Are You Doing to Stand Out on This Week’s Video Blog

Are you standing out and giving your customers a good experience?

In this week’s video I talk about what makes people remember you……do you know what it is?

What is it that makes you just a little bit different from the competition so when people have a flood or emergency they remember you?

Watch this week’s video to find out more!

P.S.: Let me know if the tips in today’s video helped you!

Enjoy Life on This Week’s Video Blog

It is amazing how fast life goes by and how quickly lives change.

Watch this week’s video as I remind you to enjoy life!

This quick video is from my 40th High School reunion……I have a picture to prove I’ve still got the same hair do, just a bigger part in the middle.

Watch this week’s video blog and always remember to enjoy yourselves, your family and what you do.

P.S.: Let me know what you are doing to enjoy life. I always love to hear your feedback!