On the Right Track on This Week’s Video Blog

Are you enjoying the ride that your business is going on?

Watch this week’s video that I recorded beside an exterior model train track. Seeing this model train got me thinking…… what train are you on today? Are you on the one that’s taking you where you want to go? If you’re not…… you need a realignment!

Make sure that you’re on the right track today so you can take your business to the next level.

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Monitoring Your Metrics on This Week’s Video Blog

Are you monitoring your metrics…… do you even have them?

I encourage you if you don’t, to start working on them today. You can use a Customer Relationship Management program (CRM) and there is one specifically designed for the restoration industry.

Watch this week’s video and don’t miss out on some great tips that will help take your restoration business to the next level.

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Keep Your Fleet Looking Good on This Week’s Video Blog

What are you doing to keep your fleet in shape?

I encourage you in this week’s video to take a few minutes and look at your fleet. Your fleet should be clean outside AND inside.

I see many vehicles that are an absolute mess on the inside…… this can hurt your image.

Watch as I explain how you’re sending the right message to your customers and staff when your fleet is organized and looking good.

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What Floats Your Boat on This Week’s Video Blog

What gets you excited about doing business and the things in life with your family and friends?

Usually it’s about the toys and the quality time we can spend with others.

In this week’s video I’ll give you a tip that will result in you being more pleasant to do business with than your competition.

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Don’t be a Dinosaur on This Week’s Video Blog

Is your marketing current or are you doing things like it’s the dinosaur age?

In this week’s video I give some great marketing tips to help you expand your customer base.

Watch this week’s video and don’t be a dinosaur in your marketing techniques!

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Why Use Social Media on This Week’s Video Blog

In this week’s video I answer a question I get asked over and over again, “Why should I use Social Media?”

Here are a few reasons:

1. It’s where your customers are.
2. To monitor what is being said about your business.
3. To build relationships.

Are you sensing a theme here?

Watch this week’s video and learn why it is vital to use Social Media as a restoration contractor!

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Storm Coming on This Week’s Video Blog

Do you always see the storm coming? It would be great if we did!

In this week’s video, I talk about keeping our eyes open for the unexpected storms. They come at us from different angles with surprises from customers and employees.

Keep your eyes open for storms coming and I hope you don’t get caught in the rain.

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Team Meeting Idea’s

Are you often searching at the last minute for an idea to share with your team for your weekly Production Team meeting?

You do have regular meeting with your team…….right?

For the last few years I have been posting video blogs on my site regulary. I never try to sell anyone anything. They are all about sharing an idea I have that hopefully will help you. Almost all of them are done outdoors while I am travelling or out for a walk.

An idea pops into my head, up goes my iPhone and voila…. there is the latest video blog post.

You are probably starting to think……. “So what Dan?”

Good question.

Many of these blog posts could be used as a topic for one of your Project Manager Team meetings. Or with your Techs. Or in a general staff meeting.

You don’t have to show my video on the subject (but it entirely okay if you want to). You can watch ones that interest you to get a couple of idea’s, jot them down to discuss, and your agenda is done!

Recently I received an email from one of my long time subscribers and a Disaster Restoration contractor I know, like and respect. He runs a top notch full service restoration company and is passionate about developing himself and his team to enable them to provide the best service possible in the area’s they serve.
He showed my video blog on “What can you do to be committed in taking your business to the next level?” and turned it into a great Production Meeting topic with his team.

Now if I had of known he was going to put me up on the big screen in his training room I would have had my hair that morning (smile)

Feel free to browse through my blog titles and see if there is a topic or two you can use to share with your team.

Hope this helps and feel free to give me any updates or suggestions you would like to see on future posts.


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Commit on This Week’s Video Blog

What can you do to be committed in taking your business to the next level?

In this week’s video, I talk about how oftentimes folks don’t pay attention to words like: target, goals, accountable, etc.

Don’t get me wrong……there’s a time and place for all these things……but they’re so overused that often no one pays attention to them.

What is the solution to this? Watch this week’s video to learn how you and your team can be committed to accomplish the goals you have this year!

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Obstacles or Opportunities on This Week’s Video Blog

Do you have your antenna up to identify obstacles and opportunities?

In this week’s video, I talk about having your receiver on to be aware of opportunities with customers and situations with employees that need to be addressed.

I encourage you today to take a page and write down the top three obstacles in your business. Draw a line down the middle and on the other side start thinking of opportunities to solve these temporary problems.

Watch this week’s video and be encouraged today!

P.S.: Let me know what obstacles your business is facing today in the comments.