Since this may be the first time you’re considering working with a Business Coach, here are a few common questions and answers:

Q: Is hiring a Business Coach really necessary?

A: If you have a mentor that understands your business and is a valuable help to you then the answer is no.

But that is not where most people are. While you may have experienced gains quickly, achieving lasting business growth is a long-term process. Our programs help you methodically implement strategies and tactics over time. It is a multi-layered approach that eventually leads to exponential growth, improved gross and net profit margins and enhanced owner satisfaction.

Q: Are there differences between a Business Coach, a Consultant, a Personal Coach and a Mentor?

A: Yes….. many differences. For example;
Business Coach – helps clients prioritize their projects and goals. Helps clients plan their work and work their plan. Coaches motivate people to action. We are ofter viewed as strategic partners and facilitate enhanced business results. Within a well defined working relationship the Business Coach and client typically engage in a continuous progression of training, conversations, observations, and practice. Your Business Coach acts as a change agent, sounding board and strategic thinking partner while facilitating a structured learning environment for individual development through various processes, i.e. clarifying goals, setting purposeful and stretch goals, developing and implementing strategic action plans, etc. In a simple summary, a good Business Coach understands your business and helps you set goals and keep you, the owner, accountable to do what you commit to do.

Personal Coach – collaborates with their client in a highly interactive working partnership for the purpose of assisting the client on clarifying what he/she really wants from life. They help them set effective personal goals. Helps there client to stay on focus.
Mentor – Usually an experienced person who provides advice, guidance and supporter to a younger or less experienced person. Mentors are often seen as experts and show proteges “the ropes”.

Consultant – provides advice or expert knowledge to a client in a particular field or discipline. Predominately a one-way communication, with accountability on the consultant for delivering on the outcome. The client is expected to implement the consultant’s recommendations.

Q: How long do I have to stay with your program?

A: That is really your call. Your Restoration Coach believes firmly in helping you as long as needed. Each client will have different needs and we will strive to meet or exceed each customers expectations to the best of our ability. But plan on at least one year to start achieving the results you want on a continuous basis.

Q: What kind of benefits can I expect from working with a Business Coach who is experienced in my type of business?

A: Your Restoration Coach understands your business’ and how it should be structured both today and for your future goals to be met. He acts as a confidential strategic business partner who assists you to leverage your personal and operational success. Here is a sample of the broad array of service offerings we help Disaster Restoration and Environmental Contractors on:

  • Rejuvenate business growth
  • Build systems and procedures
  • Enhance organizational capabilities
  • Develop skills and knowledge base
  • Prioritize goals and develop strategies to achieve objectives within set time frames, i.e. S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Help you identify business processes needed
  • Help you develop business operating standards and systems
  • Give you tools and idea’s to improve employee morale
  • Help identify organizational changes needed
  • Give you direction and support on developing and implementing organizational changes
  • Work with you to create both personal and business development plans
  • Assist you in implementing programs to support your plans and goals
  • Give you honest, direct feedback
  • Help you conduct needs analyses
  • Help you develop and interpret performance assessments
  • Drill down to find out your dreams and visions for the business
  • Help you implement processes and procedures to meet your goals.

Q: What if I have an established business… can I still benefit?

A: Without a doubt. The advantage of having an established business is that you will have more leverage. By applying just a few simple strategies, you could create significant, lasting improvement. Not only that, your leverage will help you make your investment back more quickly. Your Restoration Coach can be a huge asset by acting as an outside set of eyes and giving you honest and knowledgable feedback on the current state of your business.

Q: What types of programs and products are available?

A: Great question. We will be constantly developing new products in various formats. Our goal is to keep content fresh and in tune with today’s insurance vendor market. We also know each client has their own favorite method of learning, i.e. mp3 programs, CD or DVD programs,e-Books, Manuals, Video, on-line tutorials, one-on-one coaching and MasterMind Group’s as examples. We will be developing programs in all these formats in the very near future.

Q: What industry’s does Your Restoration Coach Ltd. work in?

A: We only work with Disaster Restoration and Environmental Remediation Contractors. Why? Because this is our area of expertise.

Q: How does the Disaster Restoration business differ from a regular renovation business.

A: Listen to Dan being interviewed on Ramontech:

Q: What area’s of expertise do you offer me help and support on by your coaching or other training methods?

A: Another great question. We work with you on areas of your business such as:

  • helping you develop and implement SOP’s increase efficiencies
  • develop sub-trade programs to improve service and profits
  • help you identify and remove bottlenecks in production
  • help you become better at serving your internal customers
  • help improve customer and client communications
  • help you develop and implement training programs
  • and many more areas that will improve your bottom line


  • review paperwork flow and procedures
  • identify ways to speed up invoicing
  • ensure all departments are communicating efficiently
  • people and systems involved in operations flow of paperwork

Human Resources:

  • ensure proper job descriptions are in place
  • deign performance appraisals for each position
  • assist in ensuring right people, in right place, in your business
  • help you create or update Employee Handbook


  • Sales plans
  • customized presentations
  • Customer Relationship Management systems
  • when do you need a marketing rep?
  • who should participate in what events and actions


  • Annual budget and plans
  • review ways and ideas
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • CE Classes


  • help you understand your numbers
  • set budgets and goals
  • who needs to see what, when?
  • understanding your banker’s requirements
  • know your key ratio’s


  • set your own Key Performance Indicators
  • who needs to do what, when, by department
  • delegating techniques that work
  • Your Restoration Coach helps hold you, the owner, accountable

Other Area’s – such as:

  • Time Management
  • Customer Service Programs
  • Getting your business ready to sell

Q: How much does this virtual coaching program cost?

A: Programs vary by type, size of your group and any special needs.

Special customized coaching programs will be priced after receiving an application and having a free initial phone consultation if needed.

Send us an email with your company website, a brief personal and business bio (or your LinkedIn page link), and Dan will review and then advise the program that we think will best fit your needs. A pricing schedule will be given to you at that time. Sound fair?  Please contact Dan via email or phone if you have any further questions.