Dan Murray, CR helping another Business Coaching Client

About Us …..or what we like to say: How we help you Achieve Business Success!

Your Restoration Coach Ltd. (YRC Team) was founded to help Disaster Restoration and Environmental Remediation contractors take action to achieve their goals, deliver outstanding customer service efficiently and obtain the lifestyle they deserve while continuing to build real value in their business.

We are all about helping contractors to have real options. We also help contractors get ready for transitioning their business at some point in time. Whether it is to transfer your business to a family member(s), sell or get your company to the stage where you can have a General Manager so you can enjoy the benefits of all the years you have put in to get your business to this level.

Image how nice it would be to be able to take extended vacations and/or just work in the areas of the business you enjoy most, when and where you want.

Our Story

We know exactly how you feel. The YRC Team have all been there. So we know what it takes to reach out and ask for help. That won’t make the first call any easier. But we can tell you that we’ve been in the Disaster Restoration, Carpet & Content Clean, and Environmental remediation field with over 50 years of combined experience.

Our Approach

Most Restoration businesses were started by people like you. People who have a craft—something you know how to do better or different than anyone else.  And of course have a desire to help people in a time of need.

Then you woke up one day and realized that your businesses had turned into a job. A really hard one. And these days it is harder to make the money we made just a few short years ago.

We believe that in todays business climate you must focus on ‘what makes you different’. While also getting really good at building systems and processes to make your business more efficient. It takes different skill sets to run and manage a $1M operation then it does for a $10M one. We help you move from where you are to the next level you are currently struggling to get to. It takes lots of hard work.  We know how to ask the right questions….. but without pulling punches, because we know that kind of help is the kind that works.

All too often, contractor owners spend precious time and money treating the symptoms instead of their underlying cause, only to have the same problems resurface again and again. Don’t get swept up in this vicious cycle – get to the bottom of your trouble and overcome it for good!

Our People

We are a boutique business coaching, consulting and training Team.  We all have different skills and personalities.  The YRC Team believe we all should enjoy our businesses. We need to laugh and celebrate our victories more.

See If Our Approach Works For You

The YRC coaching program isn’t for everyone. You have to want to build something special and are willing to step out of your comfort zone to get there. When you do things you didn’t dare do before, you get results you can’t imagine.

We suggest you start by reviewing our blog. It has lots of best practices, tips and questions to inspire you on every aspect of running a restoration and remediation business.

Take 20 minutes to take our on-line Questionnaire We offer you a complimentary summary overview, in a dash board format, of where your business stands today, compared to our industry averages. This eye opening summary report alone can help many business owners identify what they have to start focusing on right now.

Through our on-line questionnaire,  articles, videos and other resources you’ll start to see things change. We don’t spam and we don’t sell our list. You can unsubscribe with one click at any time.

Learn how to take your business to the next level

Many of the issues facing entrepreneurs are actually symptoms of deeper problems. All too often, business owners spend precious money treating the symptoms instead of their underlying cause, only to have the same problems resurface again and again. Don’t get swept up in this vicious cycle – get to the bottom of your trouble and overcome it for good!

YRC’s Business Coaching and Consulting service helps you assess and work on any area of your business that’s not performing. Whether it be general management, sales and marketing, operations, production, finance or human resources, we help you:

  • Identify the root cause of persistent problems
  • Address the real issues systematically and effectively
  • Manage your company more efficiently
  • Reduce waste and increase productivity
  • Grow your business and profit in the long-term

Benefits for your business: 

1. Knowledge:

  • Learn from the coaching process and then train your Team
  • Gain new insights into your business that clarify persistent problems
  • Obtain the management skills to run a profitable company

2. Expertise

  • Work with the YRC Coach best suited to your specific needs
  • Our expert digs beneath the surface to identify your real issues
  • We help you develop an action plan to define and prioritize improvement areas

3. Support

  • Our experts coach you step-by-step in proven processes and techniques
  • Benefit from our experience as we transfer our knowledge and tools to you
  • Keep valuable reports, notes and plans from your coaching sessions for ongoing reference in our private, cloud based portal.



Your Restoration Coach Ltd. will become a premier coach and training organization for Disaster Restoration and Environmental Remediation businesses.

To become internationally known for both the quality and results of the training and coaching programs we deliver.

To help business owners fulfill their goals by developing great companies that impact their lives, their team, their clients and the community they serve.

Vision | Mission | Values


To provide coaching, training and industry specific business education through on-line, phone and group mastermind environments.

To help Disaster Restoration and Environmental Remediation contractors and their staff to fully understand business and how to create better lives and work experiences.

Provide excellence in coaching and training in all areas of business operations while showing owners how to use what they learn, how to profit from this and how to create better lives and work experiences.


  • We believe in making a difference in the lives of our clients and their whole team.
  • We believe in honesty in all our interactions.
  • We believe in profitable, planned and targeted growth
  • We believe in succeeding in both our business and personal lives.