As entrepreneurs our business is a HUGE part of our lives. Most of us spend every waking hour thinking about how to grow our results and develop our people. Unfortunately we often invest more time nurturing our business than we do our intimate relationships.

Our business is an expression of who we are as a person. It provides the finances for our family. Often our thoughts are consumed by new ideas and possibilities throughout our day. Think about it: it’s like a love affair! And I’m sure that like me, some days you love your business, some days you are ready to divorce it.

Doubts about your success, feeling overwhelmed or just being plain exhausted by everything it takes to make money can deplete the romance and make you wish you had a job again.

The key to any successful relationship is managing the relationship of it so that we spend more time in love than out of love. How?  Here are five ways to help you keep the passion and energy to kick up your results a few notches this year and  to keep the “romance” alive in your work so you don’t lose that “lovin feeling.”

1. Court your passion
. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of managing a million activities so remember to cultivate the passion by spending time doing what you love the most. Try to spend at least 30% of your day doing positive things and you’ll be 10 times more excited to do the less enjoyable tasks. Delegate or time block activities that drain your energy after you do work you are passionate about so that you can keep a positive momentum in place.

2. Have alone time
. Taking a break from your business is like getting a B Vitamin shot in the arm. You’ll come back with a clear head and lots more stamina to move your big ideas forward. Daily mental breaks for lunch or a quick walk are invaluable but big breaks like entire weekends off and 10 day vacations can work wonders for your bottom line.

3. Schedule dates with family and friends
. There’s nothing like the joy and positive thinking that comes from hanging with like-minded friends. When you feel a bit low it’s time to book a lunch date, invest in a mastermind retreat or schedule time with your business coach or mentor. Changing up your environment to learn from others can bring new enthusiasm into your doldrums. Left alone we can fall prey to bad habits or isolated thinking that can stall our progress. Make it a regular habit to spice up your energy with great friends and colleagues.

4. Get help for troubled waters. 
There will be times when you will feel stuck or you can’t get past a situation. This is the time to quickly call in an expert to get you back on track. If you stay focused on your issues and challenges then it’s hard to see all the good things that you do love. Hiring a coach to help you clear out the challenges and get refocused on your exciting road map can rekindle the fire again.

5. Get passionate.
 No it’s not what you think…I mean challenge yourself to play a bigger game. For many of us that means we have to get a wee bit uncomfortable and plow through some limiting beliefs about who we are. Getting passionate will bring a burst of power into your game – and can results in achieving some of those stretch goals you keep talking about.

So what do you do to keep the passion alive?

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