Below are a few testimonials and words of recommendation from industry leaders about Your Restoration Coach, Dan Murray.


“Dan has been involved with the restoration and remediation industry for many years and has a great passion for the it. He goes above and beyond to ensure that people are properly trained and informed as to practices related to the industry.”

– Darren Hudema, IICRC WRT & ASD Instructor, Dri-Eaz Products, Inc.

“I have known Dan for 20 years. We have worked together as contractor – subcontractor, business partners, and over the years he has become a trusted friend and confidant of mine. Obviously with that in mind I heartily recommend him with his experience and ability.”

– Laurie R. Conrad, P.Eng., Owner, Maritime Remediation Limited

“Dan has many years hands on, front line industry experience, knowledge and knowhow. He has been counted on by colleagues and other industry professionals to oversee, assist and provide solutions for many complex disaster recovery projects across Canada. What you see is what you get with Dan.”

– Jerry Kofsky, Former District Manager, Munters Inc.

“Dan had a big impact on my career. He guided me through the sales processes, and provided wisdom on how to deal with various situations. When Dan has an idea, he thinks it through and presents a detailed plan to proceed. I look forward to my next opportunity to work on a project or two with him.”

– Anthony Martin, President of Nexcent

“Dan has the amazing ability to understand the totality of required tasks and complete service for all parties involved in any size of insurance loss. Dan’s experience with all aspects of all sizes of residential, commercial and industrial claims has completely qualified him to be recognized as a highly respected and knowledgeable professional. 

Dan’s present position assisting various insurance restoration contractor owners, has proved to be talent that many other owners should consider if they want a confidential professional consultant.”

– Wayne Mayo, Owner/Operator, Brunswick Restoration & Sanitation Ltd.

“I have known Dan Murray since the mid 1970’s, as a supplier, consultant, mentor and confidant. As a mentor and consultant he continues to deliver solid support whenever called upon for assistance. Confidentiality is key to business today and this is never a concern. Dan may not always tell you what you want to hear, but he will tell you what you need to hear. Honest, prompt and insightful, technically strong; Just what today’s business executive needs.”

– Kenneth C Harrity , CIP, CEO, ILS Innovative Solutions

“Dan is not just a teacher and coach. He has walked in your shoes. He has done it from the ground up! It is a pleasure to call him a life long friend and a business partner for over 30 years. If integrity, innovation and profit making are your goals then pay attention and don’t hesitate when opportunity knocks.”

– Darrell Adams, Owned ServiceMaster of PEI for 30 years