Goals on This Week’s Video Blog

Are your goals clearly defined?

Ideas or goals that you have in your head are really just wishes until you write them down or share them with other people.

As you watch this week’s video, I’ll be giving you some tips on settings goals so you can accomplish more this year.

I have an action and goal sheet that I would like to forward to you to help you set goals. Email me with the subject line “Action Sheets and Goal Planning” at dan@YourRestorationCoach.com and I would be delighted to forward you a copy.

P.S.: Let me know how this week’s video has helped you. I’d love to hear your feedback!


  1. Great points Dan. Already started my list for 2013 five minutes after watching. You’re right they are all stuck up in my head.

    • Rob, sure great to hear and trust the Action Sheets I just sent you will be a help. All the best in achieving your goals for 2013 and beyond!

  2. Thanks Dan. You should send us along a template to start working on goals. Way too much in my head that gets over looked during the busy week. Like the thought of working with small goals first.

    • Charles, a couple of templates are on their way (smile)


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